Wednesday, 22 March 2017

What did we notice this week?

We have been talking about how it is important to always use our eyes and notice things that are happening around us, especially the great things.
Outside our classroom (the music room) we noticed a new plant had popped up and was not like any of the plants around it. We were curious learners and wanted to know all about this plant. We got on the internet and used key words to research about this plant.

I saw white flowers outside room 10.
They are  called Japanese anemones.
The flowers have more than 20 petals and a yellow centre.

We took a photo and observed a real white flower outside our class. We noticed the middle bud comes out first then the outside ones come out after that.   We found out all that with our eyesight.  One of our senses. We also checked our idea.
Stella and Peter 

You wont believe this but the anemone hupehensis was found in China!

We have discovered what that funny plant is. It is called an Japanese Anemone. Mrs Sietkiewicz said that it isn't a weed, like Miss Waghorn thought.

Spencer and Tim

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Table Tennis Taster
We had so much fun learning some new skills and techniques up in Room 15. Some of us had never played Table Tennis before so it was hard to keep the ball on the table. Check out our photos and see the fun we are having!

Thursday, 9 March 2017

Deadly Animals

I have been reading about box jellyfish and poison dart frogs with my group. The box jellyfish is the perhaps the most venomous animal in the world. More than 5,500 people have died from box jelly fish stings in the last 150 years.
There are more than 175 kinds of poison dart frog. The skin oozes a deadly venom. One kind of poison dart frog makes is so deadly it makes enough toxin to kill ten people!
By Noah Rm 10A

Wednesday, 8 March 2017

Ngauruhoe Maths Group

Jumping the Number Line

WALT: jump through a tidy number on a number line 

Today we were learning all about how to solve problems, involving bigger numbers, by breaking it into smaller jumps. We used the number lines to help us and were quickly jumping along ourselves when we got it!!

This is a page from our modelling book showing how we solved the problems.