Monday, 3 April 2017

Problem Solving and Teamwork

Working together is so important in our classroom. It helps us to learn from each other and also develop our flexibility and compassion for others.

Maths is so much fun when we work in our co-operative groups, because we all do things differently and then we can learn new things from other people in the group.

Some people like to use counters, others like to write on paper or whiteboards, any way that works for us is great as long as we are always talking with our group and explaining our learning to others.

Talking together about our ideas

Using the counters to help us

Writing our thinking on whiteboards

Room 10 took part in a great activity run by Warehouse Stationery and School Kit. Teachers could sign their classes up to receive a kit that we completed and sent off to another class somewhere else in New Zealand.
We were each given a postcard which we wrote an example of a metaphor on the back of and then coloured in the front (these joined together to make a big poster).

What was the most exciting, was getting our package from Waiwera South School way down in Otago. We are very different schools in so many ways. They only have 41 students IN TOTAL from years 0-8!!! and can be found in a rural area.

Even though we are very different there were quite a few things we had in common such as:
- Our longest word was - Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious
- Our Random thing we sent were both toy snakes
- Our three most important things in our class,  both included our school dispositions

Have a look at the slides below to compare our two classes and the posters and information we shared.