Tuesday, 7 February 2017

Piupiu, Weaving Art

In Room 10, we have been in talking about what is important to us. 

After we shared our thoughts, we began to create our weaving materials that would create the top piece of our piupiu.
Thin pieces of paper were used. On these we wrote the words that would represent our special treasures. 

Some examples were: Love, Family, Friends, Cat, Rugby, Music, Food, Outdoors etc

We then used some plastic mesh to weave our paper through. We had to be very careful when we did this part because the paper could rip easily. Some people needed to be very reflective after their paper broke so that it wouldn't happen the next time they tried.

The next step got even harder. It was time to thread the pieces of straw onto the wool and tie off with a wooden bead. 
We created different patterns from the colours and order we threaded the straws.

Here you can see us focussing a lot on threading our straws. It was also a nice time to talk to people in our class that we had not seen all holidays, or were new.

Some people showed a lot of perseverance when it got tough. There were also people who finished and were asking if anyone else needed help. Everyone was being a 'Bucket Filler'

Have a look at some of our finished piupiu hanging proudly in our learning space.

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